Pretty Man (Episode 11)

Did you see that, Mom? I looked like an idiot, didn’t I? Is this all that I’m ever going to be- a piece of trash?

Pretty Man (Episode 11)

If I’m going to face off with Na Hong Ran, [I need more than money]. I need SS Home Shopping Network, Chairman Kang.

Pretty Man (Episode 11)

Kim Bo Tong, I’m going to be the one to protect you. Me. 

Pretty Man (Episode 13)

She told me that joining her is the only way to survive.

Pretty Man (Episode 14&15)

Wait. Just stand right there. I’ll come to you now.

140725 - sad movie (b2st) on music bank

VAMPIRE リハーサル(ダイジェスト)

It’s Okay, That’s Love Teaser

"But I don’t like the name "Crazy Medal Girl"
"Why? It’s what caused us to meet"

- You’re nothing to me. All the memories with you, I want to rip it all one by one.
- Can you really say that after seeing this? Then why did you buy this for me.
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